About World Garden Cities

World Garden Cities is a brand new knowledge-based networking platform and an ode to all garden cities and their communities around the world. A platform that helps you get inspired by garden cities and allows your very own garden city or organization to be part of a large global network. It is a collaborative exploration that interacts with all communities, tenant organizations, municipalities, architects, visitor centers, policy makers, historical and heritage societies, and many others.

Garden Cities and suburbs
Ever since the end of the nineteenth century (and even before that), garden cities and suburbs have been everywhere to be found. These securely planned environments drew the outline for strong community engagement. Although garden cities have taken many forms and their ideals have been interpreted in many ways, it is clear that leading ambitions were proper and healthy housing based in a green environment, a strong sense of community and cooperative modes of management of land, houses and/or facilities.

Nowadays the garden city ideals are more relevant than ever, simply because they are key in debates on the present and future of ecologically and socially sustainable cities. In close collaboration with many international garden cities and organizations, we explore and research both the origin and development of garden cities, and discover their present values. For more information on garden cities and their concepts, see our ‘articles’ page.

Museum Het Schip
World Garden Cities was initiated by Het Schip in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), museum of the Amsterdam School and its social housing history, expressionist art and architecture. It was constructed in close cooperation with our partners and is part of an extensive international program on garden cities, which will result in a variety of research projects and a public program in preparation for an international congress as well as an exhibition in 2024-2025.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to collaborate, have any further questions or require more information about World Garden Cities. Our editorial team can be reached through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We try our very best to answer your question as soon as possible! For more information on the Amsterdam School movement, Museum Het Schip or our branch Museum De Dageraad, visit the website of Museum Het Schip.

Museum het Schip | Museumnacht Amsterdam