Le Logis-Floréal

Le Logis-Floréal

The public service real estate company (SISP) of Brussel garden city Le Logis-Floréal.

Organization Type: Housing association
Specialties: Social housing
Founding Year: 1921
Country: Belgium
City: Brussels
Zip code: 1170
Address: Avenue Georges Benoidt, 22


A public service real estate company (SISP), Le Logis-Floréal's corporate purpose is the construction and provision of social housing.

The Brussels Housing Code describes the missions of the SISPs. Among those:

  • Provide people who meet the conditions for admission to social housing with accommodation intended for the main residence under the conditions set by this Code and by the Government.
  • Purchase, transform, clean up, renovate and maintain buildings with a view to renting them out to people meeting the conditions for admission to social housing, in particular by ensuring that the common areas and surroundings of social housing are laid out and fitted out in a a concern for improving the well-being of tenants, in particular by integrating architectural innovations of a cultural type.
  • Promote consideration of the social difficulties encountered by tenants, particularly in the context of partnerships, and ensure rental management that takes into account the needs of tenants.
  • Develop a corporate land strategy.