Museum van Zuilen

Museum van Zuilen

Museum van Zuilen showcases the rich history of the Utrecht neighborhood of Zuilen.

Organization Type: Museum
Specialties: History
Founding Year: 2009
Country: Netherlands
City: Utrecht
Zip code: 3534 AS
Address: Schaverijstraat 13


In 2009, the municipality of Utrecht made it possible for the Museum van Zuilen to open its doors. In that year the collection collected by Wim van Scharenburg about the rich history of the municipality of Zuilen became publicly accessible.


The opening hours of the museum are Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. A reservation is required to avoid the museum becoming too crowded. you can do so at this link.

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The Museum of Columns features a multitude of items related to the history of Columns to varying degrees. In addition to the hard work to provide the storefront with a professional museum interior and ditto professional collection of now more than 11,000 objects and items, a lot of effort has gone into promoting the Museum van Zuilen as a fun, educational and, above all, easily accessible museum that stands in the middle of the community.

The Museum of Zuilen has a variety of items that are more or less related to the history of Zuilen.

In our museum we have a lot of information about the history of neighborhood construction and the role of the housing associations. Please also read our online information about the De Lessepsbuurt (formerly: 'Bouw 1', and 'de woningbouw Zuilen' and 'De Oude Bouw') and Elinkwijk.

Directie woningbouwverening zuilen

The Lessepsstraat

The goals of Museum van Zuilen:

  • As a knowledge center and a social and connecting venue, it contributes to countering the fragmentation of society and reinforcing togetherness.
  • It helps to improve the image ofuilen.
  • It shows the rich history of the neighborhood which residents can be proud of and which is reflected in the industrial atmosphere throughout the Netherlands and even beyond.