Oslo Havebyselskap

Oslo Havebyselskap

Oslo Havebyselskap (Oslo Garden City) is the housing association of Ullevål hageby in Oslo.

Organization Type: Housing association
Specialties: Social housing
Founding Year: 1917
Country: Norway
City: Oslo
Zip code: 0852
Address: Damplassen 21


Oslo Havebyselskap is a housing association in Oslo, popularly called Ullevål garden town.

The housing association consists of 119 buildings with 652 apartments. It was built in the period 1918-1926. Ullevål garden town is listed on Byantikvaren's yellow list for conservation and has national conservation value.

It is precisely the harmonious whole, everything that is and has always been the garden city, that is attractive and worthy of preservation. Therefore, conservation authorities and unit owners have set restrictions on what the individual unit owner can do.

Together we preserve Ullevål garden town!