Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Gartenstadt Wandsbek eG

Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Gartenstadt Wandsbek eG

Housing cooperative in Hamburg from 1910.

Organization Type: Housing association
Specialties: Social housing
Founding Year: 1910
Country: Germany
City: Hamburg
Zip code: 22049
Address: Gartenstadtweg 81


To date, the housing cooperative Gartenstadt Wandsbek eG has grown to more than 3,250 apartments in the Hamburg city area and 5,760 members. New buildings with corresponding requirements in terms of floor plan design and energy requirements are just as much a part of the portfolio as our former nucleus, the garden city settlement. The modernization of the existing buildings in terms of energy and the adaptation of the apartments to modern standards is one of the main tasks of the cooperative.

The garden city settlement has been carefully but comprehensively modernized since the 1990s. The renewal of the roofs and the repair of the facades are followed by further construction measures, such as the renewal of the heating systems, replacement of the windows and a complete interior modernization when moving house. The focus is always on the preservation of the urban ensemble, which is under environmental protection.