World Garden Cities Conference 2024

100 years later: the Garden City Conference returns to Amsterdam & Hilversum

5-7 June 2024 we are celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the 1924 garden cities conference in Amsterdam. We will look back at the first edition, and glimpse ahead to 2124!

Article De Tuinstadgedachte in Heemschut

De Tuinstadgedachte in het tijdschrift van Heemschut

As part of our international project on the Garden City idea, Alice Roegholt, the director of Museum Het Schip in Amsterdam, has written an article for the magazine of heritage association Heemschut. Click on the link below to read it! (Language: Dutch)

Alice Roegholt, De Tuinstadgedachte, Heemschut, de Erfgoedbeschermers, Jaargang 98, nr. 4 December 2021..