EcoResponsive Environments, article 3: Meshing-in Plots

In the third article from EcoResponsive Enviroments about re-imagining the Garden City for today’s issues, they continue explaining their complex systems approach of their RIBA competition- winning scheme for expanding the world’s first Garden City at Letchworth in the UK.

Sustainable Dudok?

Monuments need to become more sustainable in the coming years. With social housing that also has monumental status, the challenge can be very great. In Hilversum, three monumental garden suburbs were made sustainable, most of them social housing.

Urban Lab 2023: Havenstad, the Marshalling yard and the garden city

For the second year students from the Urban and Regional Planning Masters of the University of Amsterdam looked at the development of Havenstad, the new city district that is being created to the west and north of Amsterdam.

'Planning across the borders': on the 1924 conference

In the summer of 1924 close to 500 people from 28 different countries visited Amsterdam in order to into immerse themselves in the town planning challenges of their day. The (Dutch) article Plannen over de grenzen heen (Planning across borders) takes a close look at the conference, where special attention was paid to ideas on regional planning.

Shared Ideals: The Garden City and The Amsterdam School

Garden city- and Amsterdam School-enthusiast Esther Kreikamp analyzed similarities between the two movements, apparant at the beginning of the twentieth century. She wrote an excellent article about the shared zeitgeist, ideals and objectives, the cooperative initiatives and the similarities in design.

Read Shared Ideals: The Garden City and The Amsterdam School.

EcoResponsive Environments, article 2: Meshing Natural and Human Networks

In the second article from EcoResponsive Enviroments they will continue explaining their complex systems approach of their RIBA competition-winning entry for the expansion of Letchworth, the world's first garden city.

The series builds up the scheme through interactions between subsystems, starting with those that are longest-lived and progressively meshing-in faster-changing ones. We start by meshing the public space network with the natural infrastructure of water and green systems.

Open PDF: EcoResponsive Environments - Article 2 Meshing Natural and Human Networks 

EcoResponsive Environments, article 1: Introduction Reimagining the 21st century Garden City

This is the first of a series of short articles by EcoResponsive Environments, (Article 1 Introduction) that will explore ways of reimagining the Garden City movement to address the social, economic and environmental issues that face us today. 

The London-based architectural and urban design practice is the winner of the RIBA international competition for the expansion plan of garden city Letchworth. 

Open PDF: EcoResponsive Environments - Article 1 Introduction

Havenstad, A vision for a contemporary World Garden City

Students of the University of Amsterdam researched the development of Havenstad, a new city district in Amsterdam, and wrote a report about their ideas.