Havenstad, A vision for a contemporary World Garden City

The first ideas for the outline of a new ‘Haven-Stad’ in Amsterdam are announced. In 2040 a new city district is created at the West and North side of Amsterdam, situated on both banks of the IJ river. The old harbour, business and industrial areas are making way for a new urban/high-rise area with many houses and spaces for business. The estimate for the number of houses is 40.000 to 70.000. In comparison, this is a completely new city with almost as much inhabitants as the dutch city of Leiden. The new city district will be a mixed-use and according to the plans a socially diverse neighbourhood. But who will be the new residents of this city district and how will a strong and inclusive community be stimulated?

Together with students from the Urban and Regional Planning Masters of the University of Amsterdam we dove in the development of Havenstad, and they wrote a report about their ideas. You can read them here!

Open PDF: Havenstad, A vision for a contemporary World Garden City

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