Tuindorp Vreewijk

Tuindorp Vreewijk
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tuindorp Vreewijk in Rotterdam is one of the largest garden villages in The Netherlands. 

Garden City Type: Mixed (housing association / municipality / other)
Country: Netherlands
City: Rotterdam
Years of construction:
1917 Start construction
Initiator/client: NV Eerste Rotterdamse Tuindorp
Architect or related:
Granpré Molière
H.P. Berlage
J.H. de Roos
W.F. Overeijnder
Heritage status: Yes
Explanation: Since 2012, the whole of Vreewijk has been a protected cityscape. In 2014 The National Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) has not only designated 271 homes in Vreewijk as national monuments, but also the coherence of the homes and their surroundings.
General condition of Garden City: Recently renovated

General description

Tuindorp Vreewijk in Rotterdam is one of the largest garden villages in the Netherlands. It was an initiative of the NV Eerste Rotterdamse Tuindorp (Plc First Rotterdam Garden City), founded in 1913 by K.P. van der Mandele, J. Mees and L.J.C.J. van Ravesteyn. The purpose of the NV was "to establish and operate one or more garden villages, particularly for the benefit of the less well-to-do classes of the population". 

Although located in the city, the new neighbourhood was deliberately given a village feel, with Brink as its focal point. Moreover, to further emphasise the village character, none of the street names end in 'street'.

NL RtSA 4001 1980 363 01Map of a part of Vreewijk (Collection Stadsarchief Rotterdam, 1916)

Granpré Molière made the street plan for about 4,000 houses; Berlage did the same for about 240 houses. The houses were designed by Granpré Molière, J.H. de Roos and W.F. Overeijnder.

Recent developments

Between 2012 and 2024, 1327 houses in Vreewijk will be renovated. One of the aims of the work is to make the outside of the streetscape (again) fit the original character of the neighbourhood.The outdoor space will also be tackled with this aim. The improvement programme is part of the National Programme Rotterdam South.