Ullevål Hageby

Ullevål Hageby
Oslo, Norway

One of the first and largest garden cities in Norway.

Garden City Type: Mixed (housing association / municipality / other)
Country: Norway
City: Oslo
Years of construction:
1918 Start construction
1926 Completion
Initiator/client: Municipality of Oslo
Architect or related:
Oscar Hoff

Hoff (1875-1942) was a Norwegian architect and urban planner. He was responsible for the overall design of Ullevål Hageby.

Oscar Hoff at Norwegian Artist Encyclopedia [in Norwegian]

Harald Hals

Hals (1876-1959) was a Norwegian architect and urban planner. He was known as a driving force in urban planning and social housing construction in Oslo

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Heritage status: Yes
Explanation: Ullevål Hageby is listed on Byantikvaren's (cultural heritage manager's) yellow list for conservation and has national conservation value.
General condition of Garden City: Good condition

General description

Ullevål Hageby is a residential area and garden city in borough Nordre Aker of Oslo, Norway. The land originally belonged to Store Ullevål farm and was bought by the City of Oslo in 1909. 

In 1913 Oscar Hoff won the competition for Ullevål Garden City. His design was inspired by the garden city model by Ebenezer Howard and was intended for the working class. It wanted to create healthy housing with more space, and with a small plot of garden for each house.

The area was built between 1918 and 1926 and consists of 119 buildings with 652 apartments, making it the largest garden city in Norway. The first residents of Ullevål moved in around New Year 1918. However, when the apartments were sold, people with a middle-class background ended up as buyers.

All housing in the area is still owned by the housing cooperative Oslo Havebyselskap, which was founded in 1917. Today the area has among the highest prices in the city.

Architecture / Urban planning

All buildings are made of bricks, and consists of single dwellings, row housing and duplexes. Gardens and green outdoor spaces are an important feature of the area. Changes and construction herein are subject to strict regulations.



Oslo Havebyselskap

Oslo Havebyselskap

Housing association