5-6 June World Garden Cities Conference 1924/2024

5-6 June World Garden Cities Conference 1924/2024

From 1924 to 2124: Look back and glimpse ahead

5-6 June 2024, we are celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the 1924 Garden City Conference in Amsterdam. We will look back at the first edition, and glimpse ahead to 2124!

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In the run-up to a new European Parliament for the next 5 years, how can EU, national and local policies catalyse a change in the ways green cities provide affordable housing for all?

After a century, the World Garden Cities Conference is scheduled for June 5th and 6th, 2024, in Amsterdam, featuring visits to the Garden Cities of Amsterdam, Hilversum and Utrecht.

The Dutch social housing Museum Het Schip, the Netherlands' largest garden city Hilversum, Housing Europe as the voice of public, cooperative, and social housing providers, along with its member Aedes, will emphasise the core principles of the Garden City Movement and what it take to ensure that people can live in affordable homes resilient to climate change and surrounded by biodiversity.


Day 1: June 5th

Official kick-off with excursions in Amsterdam & Utrecht

WGC Conference Day 1 Amsterdam Utrecht

  • Get inspired during expert talks on garden city concepts.
  • Join exciting guided field trips to the garden cities of Amsterdam or a post-war/ modernist social housing estate in Utrecht.
  • Visit Museum Het Schip and the Van Eesteren Museum and learn about the development of Dutch social housing.

Day 2: June 6th

Housing Europe Annual Conference & Hilversum Garden City

WGC Conference Day 2 Hilversum Housing Europe

  • Learn and talk about Biodiversity and Climate Adaptation in Public, Cooperative and Social Housing.
  • Join various field trips in Hilversum and explore the development of the garden city movement.
  • Join a networking dinner and concert!



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